Support with back problems
LeChair is an adapted chair c.q. stand-up chair with a unique patented movement sequence that matches the movements of your body precisely. The chair has a high stand-up movement in which the backrest remains straight. Your back is additionally supported during the entire lying, sitting and standing-up process, because lumbar support, a cockpit shape and possible special adjustments supports your back in all positions in the same manner. Therefore, the stand-up chair is suitable for back patients / for back disorders (such as kyphosis, scoliosis and balance problems). Due to the high sitting comfort of the chair it is suitable for people who are dependent on using the chair for a large part of the day.

The seating position can be adjusted easily with the posture tilt mechanism, this way the pressure of your body is also ideally divided, and pressure ulcers can be prevented. Special anti-pressure ulcer seating is possible to prevent ulcers.

The high footstool adjustment also promotes moisture expulsion in the legs, this reduces (the risk of) oedema.


LeChair is available in various coatings and a customized seating width, seating depth and seating hight measurements. The arm rests can be adjusted in width and height. Because of the arm rests tilt and move along with the seat, should pain can be prevented.

The adjustable headrest provides proper neck support.

LeChair, as customized seat, has several options available for a proper support of the body and a stable and ergonomic seat, such as customized seats, lumbar support, cockpit backs, and such … The design and any possible adjustments to the chair is a solution for, among others knee / joint problems and other diseases such as osteoarthritis and Parkinson’s disease. Sowecare is the standing chair specialist.

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  • back problems
  • seating problems
  • knee/leg problem
  • other
(Balance problems, kyphosis, scoliosis)
(Pressure ulcers, incontinence)
(Oedema, artificial knee)
(Parkinson, MS, ALS, artrosis)


Back remains straight.

High stand-up movement

The adjustable top swing provides proper support in the neck

no shear forcing through virtual pivot points: supported at the right place with all seating positions

varying distribution of pressure prevents pressure ulcers High footstool adjustment: promotes moisture expulsion

armrests moving along: prevents shoulder pain






cockpit backrest memory foam prevents lopsided sitting balance problems

tensioning straps for proper adjustability for, among other, kyphosis and scoliosis

lumbar cushion for extra support in lower back

decubitus is prevented by adjustments like memory foam.